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The first 3V3 basketball match of Tuo Jing

To enrich cultural life of workers, full extension of Jing technology company courageously, indomitable spirit, arouse the enthusiasm of the staff, the trade union has organized a field by departments of 3VS3 basketball competitions, add a festive atmosphere for the intense work. The game everyone fierce ball, quick dribble, clever pass, good shot, Gexianshentong, hard work, teamwork and competition, from time to time won the audience's applause, the whole scene laughter constantly, fully embodies the team cooperation ability and team level. At the end of the match award ceremony, we concluded that "this event no losers, everybody is a winner! Because everyone in the game in the harvest is not only a game, winning is a relaxed mood and progress, to mobilize the enthusiasm of the people, enhance the ability of team work".

The trade union to hold this game is undoubtedly the employee's work and life is a kind of adjustment and relax, release the pressure of work has been in a state of high pressure, enhance mutual friendship, enhance the team's cohesion and centripetal force, has laid a good foundation for a better job.

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