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Open and smooth communication channels

Routine one-to-one dialogues, to ensure clear communications between the employees and their supervisors;
The door of the manager is always open, and any subject can be discussed directly with one’s supervisors;

Proactive and constructive attitude

Proactive: willing to act and take complete ownership;
Constructive: positive thinking with focus on problem solving;
Demand more from ourselves, and strive to do better;

Strict disciplines

Be punctual and have a sense of urgency for work objectives;
All work shall be fully prepared and implemented;
System is higher than individual;

High standards of professional ethics

Guide by the honorary system, honest and self-disciplined;
Strictly abide by company NDA rules and protect its intellectual properties;
Respect everyone’s privacy and separate corporate from personal matters;

Open and fair assessment mechanism

Review of employee’s performance is based on their contributions to the company;
The review process is fair and transparent;

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