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April 2022
Successful IPO        
December 2021
100 product systems shipped in one year
>46 millions of product wafers through Piotech's systems
Completed development of HDP product and shipped the first system.
December 2020
Received a repeat order from an internationally renowned Semiconductor Fab
Conducted R&D for UV cure product, and delivered the first UV cure system to a customer
Total number of product wafers through Piotech products reached >15 millions
November 2020
Successfully completed acceptance of the 13th five-year National Key Projects
Total shipment of Piotech product systems exceeded 100 sets
September 2020
Recognized as "Liaoning Province Enterprise Technology Center"

December 2019
Successful development of TFLite for Pan-semiconductor applications
December 2019
Recognized as “National Intellectual Property Excellence Enterprise”
December 2019
Completed a fourth round of fund raising
October 2019
Approved as a "Liaoning Provincial innovation practice base for Doctoral candidates"
September, 2019
Successfully developed SACVD product and delivered to a customer
December 2018
First 14 nm hard mask ACHM product delivered to a customer
October 2018
12” ALD product passed the client 14nm pilot production verification
December 2017
The first mass-produced HTM PECVD delivered to a customer
October 2017
1 million product wafer produced by PF-300T in SMIC mass production line
August 2017
    Completed a third round of fund raising
December 2016
Piotech moved into its new campus
April 2016
Successfully completed acceptance of the 11th five-year National Key Projects
March 2016
The first 12” ALD system delivered to a customer
December 2015
Approved to undertake the 13th five-year National Key Projects
September 2015
Completed the second round of fund raising and won the strategic investment from the National IC Industry Investment Fund
March 2015
10,000 product wafers produced by PF-300T in SMIC mass production line
December 2014
Approved to set up "Liaoning thin-film equipment engineering research center"
August 2014
First order of the Mass Production System PF-300T from SMIC
May 2014

Completed the first round of fund raising for Piotech
December 2013
Pf-300T passed SMIC mass production line acceptance
April 2013
    Sales of the first 12” PF-300
December 2012
Launch of 12 inch multi chamber pf-300t equipment
October 2011
The first 12” PECVD product delivered to SMIC for production verification
August 2011
Approved to set up "Liaoning semiconductor thin-film technology and equipment engineering technology research center"
April 2010
Piotech, Ltd. established    
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