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Semiconductor manufacturing is a faster growing industry in China, and Piotech is a faster growing company with expanding product and technology portfolio. We are seeking people in the fields of process/technology development, system engineering, as well as in manufacturing, field services, and we invite professionals with all levels of experience and skills to join us. At Piotech, your positive attitude, willingness to learn and to accept challenges will help you to become new leaders in technology and management, and make important contribution to China’s semiconductor industry.

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2021-07-13 Technical support engineer Xiamen Discuss personally 本科及以上学历

Job Descriptions:

Responsibilities I (Electrical / Automation / mechanical direction)

1. Installation and maintenance of client equipment;
2. Receive client machine fault problems and conduct on-site troubleshooting

Job requirements

Electrical, automation, machinery and other related majors

Responsibilities II (process direction)

1. Process commissioning and maintenance of client machine;
2. Development and optimization of client customization process.

Job requirements

Chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, materials science and engineering, electronic engineering, microelectronics, semiconductor and other related majors

2021-08-31 Software Engineer Shenyang Discuss personally

Job Descriptions:


1. Functional requirements analysis of equipment;
2. Design of equipment control software framework;
3. Hardware data acquisition and processing;
4. Control software development and related algorithm research;
5. Maintenance and on-site commissioning of control system and software;

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, automation or related;
2. Familiar with windows and other embedded system development, C / / C # / C + + language, understand the principle and programming of real-time operating system and network, and be proficient in using visual studio and other development tools;
3. Strong independent working ability and team spirit;
4. Relevant working experience is preferred.

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