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Semiconductor manufacturing is a faster growing industry in China, and Piotech is a faster growing company with expanding product and technology portfolio. We are seeking people in the fields of process/technology development, system engineering, as well as in manufacturing, field services, and we invite professionals with all levels of experience and skills to join us. At Piotech, your positive attitude, willingness to learn and to accept challenges will help you to become new leaders in technology and management, and make important contribution to China’s semiconductor industry.

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-0001-11-30 Chief Mechanical Engineer Shenyang Discuss personally

Job Descriptions:


1. Responsible for product function research and development, systematic structure design and scheme optimization. Participate in stress analysis, thermal field and flow field analysis, or use the calculation results to design improvement and plan the direction of new design according to the calculation results of the calculation department
2. Equipment installation and commissioning, problem analysis, improvement and product release
3. On site troubleshooting, analysis of mechanical and component problems and proposal and implementation of short-term and long-term solutions
4. In the R & D stage of parts selection, procurement and quality evaluation, assist the quality engineer to do a good job in testing standards and plans, testing tools and testing means
5. Project management, project schedule.

Job requirements:

1、  Master degree or above, major in machinery, mechanics, heat flow and other related majors, with more than 5 years of design experience in mechanical design enterprises. Or bachelor degree, working in related industries for more than 8 years
2、  Familiar with non-standard mechanical and electrical equipment, vacuum mechanical equipment and other design standards and specifications, systematic design experience related to vacuum equipment and semiconductor equipment, PECVD equipment and ALD equipment, semiconductor metal materials and semiconductor ceramic materials are preferred
3、  Background in heat transfer analysis, hydrodynamics analysis, CFD and simulation is preferred
4、  Strong ability to work independently, self-study and develop. Have team leadership ability, ability and sense of responsibility to guide the progress of young engineers and assist in completing projects together
5、  Have teamwork spirit, be good at communicating with internal and cross departments, and also need to have a certain ability to communicate with suppliers and customers
6、  Good English reading ability.

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