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Semiconductor manufacturing is a faster growing industry in China, and Piotech is a faster growing company with expanding product and technology portfolio. We are seeking people in the fields of process/technology development, system engineering, as well as in manufacturing, field services, and we invite professionals with all levels of experience and skills to join us. At Piotech, your positive attitude, willingness to learn and to accept challenges will help you to become new leaders in technology and management, and make important contribution to China’s semiconductor industry.

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2022-05-21 Image Algorithm Engineer Haining Discuss personally

Job Descriptions:


1. Bachelor degree or above in image processing, computer graphics and other related majors, with good communication skills and sense of teamwork
2. Strong programming ability and good programming habits, more than 2 years of C / C + + programming experience
3. Proficient in basic concepts and common algorithms of image processing, including image preprocessing algorithm and advanced processing algorithm; Familiar with image-based pattern recognition algorithm, master feature extraction, feature statistical design
4. Familiar with one or more tool libraries in opencv, MATLAB and Halcon
5. Proficient in English, able to read and understand professional English materials
6. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit
7. Working experience in semiconductor industry is preferred

2022-05-21 Accounting Haining Discuss personally

Job Descriptions:


1. Responsible for the company's document review, accounting treatment and accounting voucher preparation;
2. Be responsible for the cost accounting of the company; Responsible for the company's daily tax treatment;
3. Be responsible for issuing the company's financial report and various required statements.
4. Responsible for preparing financial budget and budget control according to the requirements of the company.
5. Other related work assigned by the Department.

Job requirements

1. Full time bachelor degree, major in finance and related;
2. Intermediate accountant title;
3. Familiar with Excel, word, PPT and other office software;
4. Familiar with Kingdee, sap and other financial software;
5. At least 2 years working experience in large and medium-sized enterprises; Under 40 years old;
6. Good sense of responsibility and enterprising spirit; Have comprehensive financial professional knowledge, financial processing and financial management experience.

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